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  • Ritz Fireplaces are designed to specifically address a solution for the large screen, high definition television redefining our homes.

  • The dilemma is how to make the television and fireplace coexist.

  • The brilliant solution was actually quite simple: combine the television into a Ritz Fireplace.

  • The HDTV display is bit higher than the firebox it replaces. This is the perfect height for TV viewing.

  • This single feature revolutionizes the fireplace for years to come.

  • Most fireplaces might get used once a year from Thanksgiving to the New Year

  • Ritz Fireplaces are designed for entertainment and are enjoyed all throughout the entire year.

  • Ritz Fireplaces instantly offer many real wood fires scenes all by voice commands.

  • Ritz Fireplaces are very safe. No vents, no chimneys, no holes in the wall, no soot, no mess, no fire code restrictions, no gas lines — and no maintenance!

  • Ritz Fireplaces are perfect for any home but especially apartment homes, condos and townhomes.

  • Ritz Fireplaces are just the ticket for interior designers, multi-family developers and home builders to attract new home buyers and tenants

  • Ritz Fireplaces offers multi-channel television entertainment.

  • Controlled by voice commands.

  • The fireplace is probably the best amenity to sell a home, most fireplaces are just not impressive

  • Competition has tried to make the fireplace more realistic but rarely happens. Fireplaces are too dinky.

  • A gas insert does not amount to much. Lot of effort for something nowhere near a Ritz Fireplace

  • Ritz Fireplace are just the opposite. They are large. Think 55” HDTV large! Very attractive. Smooth, glass proscenium.

  • Ritz Fireplaces are usually larger than traditional fireplaces and much more elegant. Lot's of wow!

  • Ritz Fireplaces are all tailor handmade to the clients wishes. 

  • Any design is possible tailored to work well in every home.

  • Ritz Fireplaces are never seasonal and used all year long. The best of all worlds.

  • It’s the magic of the HDTV that provides entertainment from a huge multitude of sources.

  • Ritz Fireplaces are all custom tailormade and equipped with the best HDTV theater display.

  • Few homes have Ritz Fireplaces but every home upgraded will be appreciate in value and scope. 

  • Ritz Fireplaces make luxurious homes even more exceptional like nothing else could ever do.

  • Ritz Fireplaces give a new meaning to luxury homes! There is nothing else that even compares.

  • Apartments suffer from being too generic and having no architectural refinement.

  • Ritz Fireplace changes all that in a second to an impressive home.

  • Ritz Fireplaces are nothing but a pure fireplace and the best HDTV connected to the internet for your personal theater enjoyment.

  • It is amazing something so simple as a Ritz Fireplaces can turn any home into an upscale lifestyle experience. 

  • No matter how up scale the home appears, the Ritz Fireplace will always enhance the home and make it way more impressive.

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